The main projects and programs of Tanyimor Foundation Inc. include:  


Tanyimor Foundation Inc. is involved in:-

- Equipping schools with computers, lap tops and other stationery 

  • - Equipping health centers and hospitals with drugs and other medical supplies
  •  Training in computer skills in various software programs and hardware
  • Internet training and education
  • Linkage of the villages to the rest of the world through the internet
  • Increase in overall standard of living and the quality of life
  • Improving and Increase in literacy rate
  • Reduction of general poverty in various communities
  • Exploiting the full potentials of pupils and students in schools to their advantage

This is achieved through community advocacy, needs assessment, problem and program evaluation, counseling, therapy, mentoring, food and clothing distribution, providing medical supplies and other activities to alleviate poverty and enhance the quality of lives of the poor. 


1- Carrying out HIV/AAIDS sensitization and awareness campaigns in schools, hospitals, health centers, clinics and communities 

2- Organization of workshops, seminars and conferences on the sustainability of HIV/AIDS programs and projects  

3- Networking with the Ministries of Health, Education and Social and Women's Affairs on training, education and prevention strategies of HIV/AIDS infection 

4- Networking with other NGO's involved in HIV/AIDS on resource mobilization, negotiation and utilization 

5- Organization of workshops on HIV/AIDS Project Proposal writing to facilitate the solicitation of funds from donor organizations.



- Proposals to medical equipment companies for the acquisition of medical supplies for health clinics and hospitals in Africa.

- Proposals to pharmaceutical companies for the donation of drugs for health clinics and hospitals in Africa to fight common diseases such as fever, malaria, venereal diseases and tuberculosis

- HIV/AIDS educational seminars and workshops

- Conference presentations on the problems, causes, consequences as well as some of the solutions of African healthcare crisis.


The mounting developmental problems such as poor educational infrastructure,  acute medical service delivery systems, deplorable sanitary conditions, malnutrition, lack of basic necessities for a livelihood, compounded with the prevalence of epidemic and other deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS are a great obstacles to the village’s development process plans.
        Generally, the tropics are a breathing ground for a lot of deadly diseases not common in other parts of the world. Most of these are bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases whose growth is aided by inferior living conditions. Many villages in Africa are victims of these circumstances and therefore needs external aid to address and alleviate some of these obstacles to its development. The villages' problems are further compounded by:-
- Prevalence of illnesses such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, yaws, filarial, cholera, yellow fever, dysentery etc.
 - High death rate, Malnutrition, Absence of a visiting nurse or doctor, Social/economic/financial problems
The ultimate goal of Tanyimor Foundation is to raise the standard of living of these children by more than 25% through enhanced educational facilities, improved health services, portable and good water supply system and increased literacy rate and improved educational facilities..



Tanyimor Foundation Inc. is donating more than 10000 volumes of book in assorted disciplines-science, medicine, business and vocational education to schools and universities in Africa.





Tanyimor Foundation donates computers, laptops, printers and other accessories to low-income families, schools, health centers, vocational training centers, hospitals and universities in Africa and the USA.

Social Entrepreneurship and other Activities

- Promoting Exchange Programs between Cameroonian and American academic institutions. 

- Mentoring, Counseling and Therapeutic services to the immigrant population to facilitate their adjustment and integration into the American society. 

- Educating and sensitizing individuals, families, groups, organizations and institutions through presentations in conferences, seminars and workshops on topics in education, health, culture and civic responsibility.  

- Community and Rural Development Projects. 

Counseling and Therapy:

Target group- African immigrants in the Washington Dc Metro Area

-Mentoring and Coaching: 

  Target Group- Youths in the Washington DC Metro Area