Tanyimor foundation Inc.

Social Entrepreneurs, Educationists and Consultants

Nonprofit Organization: Federal Identification Number: 26-0462309

Tanyimor Foundation Inc. is fully incorporated with the status of a tax-exempt, non-stock, US-based nonprofit organization operating under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

Donations to the foundation are deductible under Section 170 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Tanyimor Foundation Inc. was created to honor our late father, grandfather, brother, guardian and friend, Mbi Morfaw Tanyinguh of Fonge Village, Fontem, Lebialem Division, Republic of Cameroon, West Africa.


Mbi Morfaw Tanyinguh was an altruist, a very great philanthropist and humanitarian, a very generous man who gave out a lot to people indiscriminately. He made a fortune in his lifetime but sacrificed it to people, giving out money and material to help family members, friends and other external individuals needing help. He extended his hospitality to many students from neighboring villages who came and lived in his compound to attend school.

Tanyimor Foundation Inc. has been created to keep his legacy alive.

He left this planet on May 16th, 1986 and has since then been resting by the side of the Lord. His wife Mama Esther Nkengafac Morfaw lived the same life and had the same qualities. She joined her husband in this astral journey on January 29th, 2004.

May their souls rest in perfect peace!


Tanyimor Foundation Inc. places significant emphasis on social entrepreneurship, charity and philanthropy as the best strategy to eradicate the poverty and poor health syndrome that plaques most African countries. A participatory approach to consultation and service delivery and the development of critical thinking remains a cardinal philosophy of the organization. We set my professional goals and enhance the learning experience for clients enabling them to meet, discuss, modify and participate in decision-making on their projects


The foundation places high value to effective and efficient service delivery to our clients, respect and integrity, the defense of the dignity and sanctity of life for all, equality in all aspects of life without preference to race, religion or social and economic background


The ultimate goal of Tanyimor Foundation Inc. is to be a leading provider of medical, social, educational and other humanitarian activities to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized populations especially around the world


The vision of this organization is to alleviate the poverty and the illiteracy syndrome plaguing most developing economies and make an invaluable contribution and impact to the lives of the marginalized.


The mission of Tanyimor Foundation Inc. is: - To provide top notch and high quality humanitarian services as well project management consultation services to NGO’s, government agencies and individuals; - To create a Repository of Resources and information on philanthropy, educational opportunities, employment and professional raining.


The main activities of Tanyimor Foundation Inc. include:

-Medical, educational and social services to the handicapped, homeless and the marginalized population in the United States and Africa,

  • Mentoring, Counseling and Therapeutic services to the immigrant population to facilitate their adjustment and integration into the American society.
  • Promoting Exchange Programs between Cameroonian and American academic institutions.
  • Educating and sensitizing individuals, families, groups, organizations and institutions through presentations in conferences, seminars and workshops on topics in education, health, culture and civic responsibility.
  • Community and Rural Development Projects.
  • Equipping schools with computers, lap tops and other stationery
  • Equipping health centers and hospitals with drugs and other medical supplies.

 This is achieved through community advocacy, needs assessment, problem and program evaluation, counseling, therapy, mentoring, food and clothing distribution, providing medical supplies and other activities to alleviate poverty and enhance the quality of lives of the poor.


  • Proposals to medical equipment companies for the acquisition of medical supplies for health clinics and hospitals in Africa.
  • Proposals to pharmaceutical companies for the donation of drugs for health clinics and hospitals in Africa to fight common diseases such as fever, malaria, venereal diseases and tuberculosis
  • HIV/AIDS educational seminars and workshops
  • Conference presentations on the problems, causes, consequences as well as some of the solutions of African healthcare crisis.


Acquisition and distribution of school stationery and other equipment to impoverished primary, secondary and high schools in Cameroon. This will involve the collection of used books, computers and other equipment for this exercise Volunteer lectureship to secondary, vocational and high schools, and universities on the quality management concept and other diverse topics


  • Counseling and Therapy:
  • Target group- African immigrants in the Washington Dc Metro Area
  • Mentoring:
  • Target Group- Youths in the Washington Dc Metro Area.